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We Care.


Being a diabetic doesn't have to be a challenge.  

At AJT Diabetic, we make it easy.

Simply Call us or Fill out our web form, and a diabetic specialist will be in touch with you, to get your supplies delivered before you can say the words


About Us

About Us

AJT Diabetic was founded with one goal in mind:  Provide our very valued patients, the best care and service for their diabetes testing needs.  Simply put, you won't find a more caring group of individuals who are selfless in their dedication to making sure your diabetic supply needs are always taken care of.

Have a question?  Not sure about how to program your glucose meter?  Interested in finding another meter to better suit your needs. The trusted team of experts at AJT will help answer all your questions and get you on your way to living a healthy life.  Call or Email and we'll be glad to help.

AJT Diabetic is one of only nine selected contract suppliers for the National Mail Order Diabetic Supply Program.  If you or a loved one are on original fee for service Medicare Part B, you must obtain your supplies through a Medicare Contracted Diabetic Supplier.  

AJT Diabetic is B.O.C Accredited and complies with all state licensure requirements to provide home medical equipment.  Additionally, AJT Diabetic is committed to helping you all major medical equipment and supplies including CPAP Supplies, Urological Supplies, Wound Care Supplies, Nebulizers and equipment, Oxygen and much more.

AJT Diabetic -

the leading provider of home health care, supplies and equipment.

Services & Products

Our Services & Products

AJT Diabetic is your one stop shop for most medical supplies and equipment.  
We are your premier provider for Medicare, and most private insurances.
Home Medical Equipment


Walkers, Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds and more.  Call us for specific equipment to meet your healthcare needs.

Diabetic Supplies


We carry the most accurate FDA approved Blood Glucose Meters and supplies.  Best of all, our diabetic supplies all support Alternative Site Testing to reduce fingertip pain and discomfort due to testing.

CPAP Supplies


If you use a CPAP or BiPAP machine to treat Sleep Apnea, you should be aware of the importance of changing your mask, cushions, filters and tubing at least every 90 days.  By changing your supplies every three months, you can avoid costly trips to the hospital and respiratory infections.

Portable Oxygen Therapy
TENS Equipment



Are you using home oxygen to treat COPD, Emphysema or advanced lung disease? Don't worry about the old days of lugging around those heavy tanks, or sitting in your home tethered to your oxygen concentrator.  Its 2016!  Learn about new solutions in Oxygen Therapy with light weight devices that weigh as little as 2lbs. It's time to treat yourself to oxygen freedom. Our portable oxygen concentrators are covered by insurance, including Medicare and offer you the freedom to travel.  Driving, Cruising, or Flying - all are possibilities with portable oxygen concentrators from AJT Diabetic.

Breathe Easy with our nebulizer therapy program.  Medicare and most private health insurance companies will rent or purchase a nebulizer for you every 5 years.  If you have a respiratory ailment or use an inhaler at least 2 times per day, a nebulizer could help make it easier to breathe. When its easier to breathe, your blood pressure and pulse will lower as your body won't have to work as hard to catch your breath. Ask us about a new nebulizer covered under your insurance.


Its time you TENS

People use TENS to relieve pain for several different types of illnesses and conditions. They use it most often to treat muscle, joint, or bone problems that occur with illnesses such as osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, or for conditions such as neck pain,tendinitis, or bursitis. People have also used TENS to treat sudden (acute) pain, such as labor pain, and long-lasting (chronic) pain, such ascancer pain.

Diabetic Supplies

Featured Glucose Meters

EasyMax V

Introducing the EasyMax V by Oaktree Health. This meter is extremely easy to use with complete support for Alternate Site Testing, and best of all does not require coding.


  • Extra Large Screen

  • Bilingual Voice in English and Spanish

  • No coding system

  • Small sample 0.6ml (pin drop)

  • A.S.T Support (Palm or Forearm)

  • 5 second test time

  • Glucose Management Software

  • 2AAA Batteries support 2000 Tests

Prodigy AutoCode


Hearing and Seeing is Believing.  

  • No coding

  • Large font display for easy to read results

  • 500 test memory

  • 7, 14, 28 day averages

  • Tiny 0.6 µl blood sample

  • Fast 6 second test time

  • Large screen for easy visibility

  • Alternate site testing (Fingertips, Palm, Forearm, Upper-Arm, Thigh & Lower Leg


  • Speaking (English & Spanish)

  • Results in 5 Seconds

  • Big Screen Display

  • No Coding Required

  • 6 Daily Alarm Reminders

  • 400 Entries - Memory Recall

  • Pre/Post Meal Testing

  • PC Downloadable Results

  • Alternate Site Testing Approved

Looking for a specific meter?

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